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My film 'The Magic Lantern'

A celebration of the magic and wonder of early cinema. The film consists of clips of magical moments from the early silent era, a time in film history when imagination and experimentation were the life blood of the medium. When the possibilities of cinema seemed endless and the excitement of creation was palpable. Running time 30 mins.

To watch the film for free click on the link below:

Reviews from twitter...

"A charming half hour of the surreal and dream-like. Lovely idea beautifully executed. Really brings home the effect this early cinema onslaught of the fantastical must've had on minds at the time."

"The Magic Lantern is just beautiful!"

"Excellent. The vivid imagination and ingenuity are mind blowing, all artfully done. Who needs dialogue? Enjoy these occasional tributes to early cinema. No one does them better."

"Thank you for sharing this wonderful film adventure. I enjoyed every second of it...You’re keeper of a treasure trove."

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