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Nudes by Anne Brigman

Anne Brigman (1869 - 1950) depicted herself and other female nudes outdoors in the Sierra Nevada. Brigman’s photography was considered radical for its time.

"We ate, and slept with the earth in the fullest sense in this glorious grimness. Under these circumstances, through the following years..I slowly found my power with the camera among the junipers and the tamarack pines of the high, storm-swept altitudes."- Anne Brigman writing for Camera Craft Magazine

Brigam also wrote and published poetry.

"Vast, pulsing silences Rise from the shade-riven deeps Of purple cañons … Dark cedars cling at breathless heights To rocky scarp and battlement Where morn and night flows by In endless festival of rain and sun And thunders chaunt their growling figures Among the hoary peaks Who brood aloof … serene … Robed in canonical of violet and flame." El Cañon Grande by Anne Brigman

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