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Aerial photographs taken by pigeons

Aerial photographs taken by pigeons using Dr Julius Neubronner's (1852 – 1932) Miniature Pigeon Camera' patented in 1908.

The pigeons would travel for up to 60 miles with the cameras taking pictures automatically. Crowds would gather to purchase the images as postcards developed on site when the pigeons arrived.

“Carrier pigeons in Germany are being used to make aerial photographs by means of tiny automatic cameras which operate while the birds are in flight. Two hundred views can be taken by such a camera on one flight the shutter starting to click after the bird is in the air. Pigeons are trained at a special Government school for this work as well as for carrying message tubes which are attached to their legs while the camera is strapped to the breast” - from Popular Mechanics "Carrier pigeons with cameras" (1932)

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