Short Stories

Bruno Schulz

"The bullet passed through the skull and bone, like a cracked egg, like a broken clock. It sliced through the infinite space and whistled through the prismatic structures there. It passed through the many rooms of the sordid and the decadent, veiled behind red velvet curtains. Through the labyrinthine spaces and streets lined with shops, dusty rooms, back streets, tunnels and parkland, depth upon depth of clear blue sky."

The Seagulls

"The woman did not look up as the man passed a knife across her neck. The man slid the knife from one side to the other in one deft practiced motion and the neck opened up like a smile. Her neck sagged open and from the opening a strange grey gruel bubbled forth. The grey sludge boiled over the top of the neck opening and spread in a thick flow down her front and onto her legs and then a viscous blood like liquid flowed out."


"His spavined horse snoozed by the shop pillar. It had once been a horse of some value and stood now with that air of diminished regality. It slept on the hoof, weary, as though aware of some darker purpose, shining with sweat and brindled with dust it cast a thin and wavering shadow upon the road."

Hardcote Hall

"Hardcote Hall was to be maintained at all times, clean and ready for any visit by Mr Hattingly. He had visited once in two years. But the fact was that the hall must be ready for a visit if one occurred. Arthur did his rounds dutifully each day, each day the pressure to maintain the Hall grew greater. If Mr Hattingly was to arrive and one thing was out of place then it would all be for nothing. The longer between visits the more pressure to maintain the Hall in its stately manner."

A Stranger God

"He believes that God created the Earth in 6 days but on the seventh day he died, his last act of living to create the Earth. He believes that since then man has been left to his own devices, like a parentless child, to develop without guidance and without chastisement. He sits here within the cave mouth smoking his pipe and drinking deeply from a blood red wine of his own fermentation."