Still Night

A secretive backwoodsman lives in the mountains above a nearby town he goes about his life keeping his own unique morality. The town lives in fear of a falsely perceived evil residing in the mountains.  Incest, murder and indwelling violence permeate the novel.  The novel is written in the style of a gothic fable.  

Penitents Wake

Twin children leave their home and travel the country attempting to flee their guilt, fear and shame of an undisclosed crime.  The novel is told from multiple perspectives as the nature of the crime is slowly revealed through revelatory spoken memory.  The novel is narrated from childhood and adult perspectives. 

Furious Embrace


A member of a chain gang escapes and flees his captors.  The novel expresses his existential anguish as he is pursued through the landscape.  He encounters the savage beauty of the natural world as well as the profound barbarity of his pursuers.  The novel is a pared down chase story written in a gothic style.